Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s well known for its lively nightlife. The island is known as the party capital of Europe and attracts many tourists to its shores. In this modern era, we should be free to smoke weed everywhere like normal cigarettes without the fear of going to prison. however, we still have a long way to go before we achieve that.

        Buy weed in Ibiza

Weed in Ibiza is not legal and the laws are different from other cities of Spain. Unlike getting weed in Barcelona which is comparatively easy, the laws of Ibiza are totally different based on the municipalities and districts. To weed in Ibiza you must be extra careful. There are many ways to get weed in Ibiza but some I will not recommend for tourists and I will provide you with the best, easy and risk-free option too for people who want to party.

Buy weed in Ibiza

– Asking around the street. it is known that marijuana smokers are very friendly and easy to have a conversation with most especially about weed. If you find yourself in Ibiza and wanting to smoke but you do not have a supplier yet then go around the street and when you spot a stoned looking person, walk up to him and ask. this is your only option when visiting many European countries. But it is not advisable. I will not recommend it to anybody. You can easily be arrested by undercover police or most likely get rubbed. Moreso, it is likely to get 70% low quality when you buy from a street person.

– Make friends with local stoners. Before you visit Ibiza as a stoner who will be interested in some smoke during your stay, I will advise you to connect with other local stoners from the area through social media of cannabis forums. create a friendly conversation and make a proper introduction so that when you get to Ibiza he or she can easily connect you to the right plug or buy some for you. Another option is to join the Ibiza cannabis club. they might not be open to new members but you can always find another group or forum. This is recommended before you visit the area so you become familiar with the person you are meeting on your trip and you are sure he or she is real.

– Order from reliable websites. The internet today has become a global source of almost everything we need in life. once you think of getting any product and you do not know where to get it, the first option that comes to your mind is to make a search on the internet. however, there are a lot of scams outside there that will rip you off through the internet if you do not have a reliable website to order from. To buy weed in Ibiza online should be the best and safest way to get weed if you have a reliable website to order from.

Buy weed in Ibiza


As a researcher and stoner, I have gone through a lot to finally get a reliable source in buying weed in Ibiza or any part of Spain. I will recommend this website: www.buycannabisonlineus.com to everybody looking to buy cannabis in Ibiza and any other part of Spain. I think it is created to serve the tourist needs all over. You can place your order on the website and choose a delivery method. for sharp stoners, there is same-day delivery. for people who have a lot of time, you can order in advance. there is a Whatsapp number on the contact page you can always write them and ask for more information. I guarantee you that they have the best weed quality so far and they are swift on delivery. It’s pre-order and I will advise you pay with bitcoin for security reasons. for your safety, It’s 100% recommended.

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