The Complete Marijuana Seed & Grow Set (Medical)


A complete package with everything you need to start growing marijuana from seed to flower:

  • 20 Cheese Feminized seeds
  • Marijuana Flower Power Fertilizers
  • Marijuana Plant Protector

(Nutrients and seeds are shipped separately)


The Complete Marijuana Seed

Autoflowering, automated or Complete Marijuana Seed are all cited the same form of genetics: those which have of their DNA the genetics referred to as Ruderalis. these are lines that come from regions with severe weather situations which includes the south of Siberia, the north of Kazakhstan or Russia. the main characteristic of this genetics is its extremely rapid flowering pace and that the flowering does no longer rely upon the photoperiod, but it occurs certainly as soon as the plant is mature enough. Hashish autoflowering seeds are true survivors. they’re fast and clean growing. Why? because as those genetics had been born in very difficult environments they have got come to grow to be a very robust and resistant race.

Maximum “seasoned” hashish users don’t forget themselves masters over their tolerance stage, but most people have located ourselves staring within the reflect at a stoned zombie at one time or some other. this is in particular the case with social gatherings or “hotboxes” in which quite a few cannabis is ate up; it can take numerous minutes earlier than you realize simply how tons THC you ingested.

Some thing that catches skill and amateur smokers off shield are new techniques of eating THC. Concentrates have a whole lot higher psychoactive cannabinoid content than flower; accordingly have more potent results. Edibles, which are craft from cannabutter or cannabis extracts; have a protract history of thwarting the plans of many-a-smoker with overwhelming highs that kick in an hour later.

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