buy weed online europe.  The ultimate wax concentrate mod vapes for those who value discretion and convenience, HoneyStick’s impressive Bee Keeper features a minimalist and compact design that fits in your palm or pocket. Its powerful 20 watt mod battery heats up in 5 seconds and produces large, flavorful vapor from your favorite waxy oils. Featuring a polished aluminum frame and an easy-to-use removable and refillable tank, the Bee Keeper looks and performs smooth. weed dealers online

Touting a discreet design, the HoneyStick Bee Keeper fits like a lighter in your palm, making an ideal mod vape for those who want to vape inconspicuously without sacrificing performance. With twice the capacity of normal batteries, the Bee Keeper’s 20 watt mod battery heats in seconds and will fuel an entire vaping session with just a few drops of oil. Simply press the unit’s power button 5 times simultaneously to activate the battery and a blue LED power indicator will let you know it’s ready. buy weed online europe

The Honeystick Bee Keeper comes with a refillable and disposable atomizer tank designed to work with your favorite waxy botanical oils. The sturdy and leak-proof tank slides into a port placed next to the battery rather than on top to maximize compactness and is held securely with magnets. Simply drop the cartridge in with the magnetic adaptor facing down and the unit is ready for vaping. For those who enjoy pre-filled concentrate cartridges, the Bee Keeper has universal 510 threading that works with most tanks, up to 10mm in diameter. buy weed online europe

Every order comes with a HoneyStick 20W mod battery, an atomizer tank, a magnetic conceal adaptor, and a micro USB charger. To recharge the battery, simply screw its 510-threaded end into the USF charger and plug the USB device into any USB port. In about three hours, the Bee Keeper will be ready to go again.

Ideal for the health-conscious botanical enthusiast, the vaporizers like the Honey Stick Bee Keeper safely heat your botanical waxes to produce a clean vapor free of toxins and dangerous contaminants. By heating the materials to a much lower temperature, vaporizers avoid combustion and eliminate exposure to toxins, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and other dangerous particles that can be harmful to the throat and lungs.

All vaporizers ship separately.  weed dealers online

About HoneyStick

Combining high tech, high performance, dependability, and affordability, HoneyStick is known for its line of upper tier vaporizers. The well respected company was the first to bring a Sub Ohm Vaporizer to the botanical vaping market, and continues to collaborate with a vast network of growers, extractors, and industry leaders to innovate new cutting edge vaping products. weed dealers online



Honeystick bee keeper vaporizer

The remaining wax pay attention mod vapes for folks that fee discretion and convenience, Honeystick bee keeper vaporizer capabilities a minimalist and compact layout that suits to your palm or pocket. Its effective 20 watt mode battery heats up in 5 seconds and produces big, flavorful vapor from your favorite waxy oils. proposing a refined aluminum body and an clean-to-use removable and refillable tank, the Bee Keeper seems and plays easy.

20 Watt / 300mAh Mod Battery, 5-2d heat-Up Time
Fillable Tank
typical 510 Threading, Works with most Oil Tanks
Designed for Waxy Botanical Oils
unmarried Button Operation



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