Weed is absolutely forbidden for recreational use in Turkey, and even when it is allowed for medical purposes, it is strictly regulated. Sublingual cannabinoid such as Sativex was legalized in 2016 under the statute governing its medical use, but only with a doctor’s recommendation. Getting weed in Turkey will depend what city you are in, – Adile Naşit Parkı, Alsancak and Kadifekale are places to buy cannabis in İzmir if you are in the city of Izmir Turkey. looking for where to get weed in Izmir you can just go to any of the above-mentioned streets and buy weed randomly from any corner boy you find standing and smoking cigarettes. very simple right? it is much more dangerous as much as it sounds simple for you as a foreigner. I will not advise you to go there in person. they are not safe places for foreigners”. I totally discourage you to go there. – Tarlabasi area is a place to buy weed in Istanbul but also not advisable to go there in person. If you find yourself in Istanbul and want to buy weed, Tarlabaşı is the easiest place to find weed but very dangerous for foreigners. you can easily get rub even in daylight. – Çinçin in Ankara is the simplest place to buy weed in Turkey but it is one of the most dangerous districts of Ankara Turkey. – Yüreğir in Adana Turkey is another place to get weed, cannabis or kenevir as it is locally called in Turkey. Adana is the third highly cannabis consuming city in Turkey. – You can also buy weed in Antalya in Zeytinköy. The question is how safe are this places for you as a foreigner? To get weed in these places is easy but very dangerous for you as a foreigner. so it is 100% NOT recommended for you to go out there looking to buy weed from this area in person. However, if you don’t feel safe doing it in person and prefer a delivery that is recommended, check the website: https://buycannabisonlineus.com/ and you can get it from them online. buy weed online usYou should get to the contact page on the website and text them on their Whatsapp number for quick response. these guys have a full network in the whole turkey and its very safe to deal with them rather than putting yourself at risk. For an added level of security, pay with cash or Bitcoin if you need to do so online, and use secure delivery methods like doorstep delivery in buy weed online us.

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