Seychelles is a touristic country that receives millions of visitors every year. A great percentage of this tourist are cannabis friendly. Many tourist around the world love to go for a sweet vacation and have a good smoke at the sea shore feeling the breeze over a blunt. Seychelles unlike most touristic locations have restrictions on cannabis. Therefore to buy weed in Seychelles is a topic you need to make inquiries about before taking your vacation if you are a weed lover.

Is cannabis legal in Seychelles ?

Unlike most countries, it is not legal in Seychelles as of now. However, there is a high consumption of weed in Seychelles Islands and there is a big debate going on if cannabis should be legalize or not. Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles former Minister of Tourism and one of the 2020 presidential candidates reports that Marijuana Tourism is an untapped market for Seychelles, with many tourists flocking to destinations considered to be “weed friendly”. Seychelles should legalize weed so that the struggling economy will benefit if the money moving in the black market can be converted to the formal system. thereby, generating income for the government for the development of the country. With that being said, cannabis is totally illegal in Seychelles with with cultivation, possession and sale of the substance banned.


Although cannabis is illegal in Seychelles, the black market is still very effective. if you intend to buy simply ask a random beach person who appears to be a stoner whether they have pot on them. If not then ask for direction on how or where you can get it. be mindful of your safety.
with that, because there are no exotics, the strains that are sold on the street are not as good as strains in other countries. Hash is a lot more common than weed in Seychelles.

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