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Marijuana is produced from the Indian hemp plant, and the section of the plant that contains the “drug” is primarily the flowers (commonly referred to as “buds”), with a negligible amount of the “drug” in the seeds, leaves, and stems. When marijuana is sold, it is a dried mixture of the hemp plant’s leaves, stems, flowers, and seeds. It is typically colored green, brown, or gray.


Marijuana, weed, pot, dope, and grass are all terms that refer to marijuana. These are alternative names for the same substance derived from the cannabis plant. Thus, when someone says they smoked a little weed, they refer to marijuana. You can smoke, vape, drink, or consume it. The majority of people consume marijuana for recreational purposes. However, an increasing number of physicians are prescribing it to treat certain medical diseases and symptoms.


Medical marijuana is used to treat various diseases, ranging from post-traumatic stress disorder to chronic pain and multiple sclerosis. It may assist you in falling asleep and remaining asleep. However, for most individuals, marijuana’s primary and most obvious advantage is, like a beer in the evening, some good old-fashioned dissociation. Parents require stress release, and cannabis is safer than various other recreational drugs, including alcohol.


It can be smoked like a cigarette (joint) or through a dry pipe or a water pipe called a “bong.” Additionally, it can be combined with meals and consumed or made as tea. These are referred to as “edibles” and will be discussed later in this handbook. Occasionally, users will open cigars and remove the tobacco, replacing it with marijuana—this is regarded as a “blunt.” Joints and blunts are occasionally mixed with more potent substances, such as crack cocaine or PCP (phencyclidine, a powerful hallucinogen).


When people inhale smoke from a joint or a pipe, they typically feel the effects immediately. Within the first 30 minutes, the acute sensations—increased heart rate, decreased coordination and balance, and a “dreamy,” unreal state of mind—peak. 3 These short-term effects typically last between two and three hours but may persist longer depending on the amount taken, the intensity of THC, and the presence of other substances in the mix.

Is Cannabis Medicinally Beneficial?

Cannabis contains chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. Two of these – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) – are the active chemicals in Sativex, a prescription medication. This is used to alleviate the pain associated with muscle spasms in people with multiple sclerosis.


Another cannabinoid called Nabilone is occasionally used to treat nausea in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Clinical trials are currently underway to evaluate cannabis-based medications for various other illnesses, including cancer pain, glaucoma, appetite loss in those living with HIV or AIDS, and childhood epilepsy.


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