Juul Pods is one of the most popular e-cigarettes that is very common among the youths although it is a new type of e-cigarette, the popularity has become so rampant. Juul vaping devices alongside Mango pod (orange), Mint pod (light green), and Virginia Tobacco (dark brown) are the most favourable in the market. Juul may look different but it is actually a type of e-cigarette that is powered by battery and deliver nicotine through liquid substance.

Is Juul Pot Legal?

The FDA issued a ban on practically all flavoured vaping cartridges and pods, including those used with Juul devices, on Jan. 2, 2020, leaving the Juul Labs to only sell tobacco and mint. Those bans were for some states like New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island and even California and more. However, It did not stop the youth to buy Juul pods online or limit the youth from where to buy Juul pods. Juul pods are mostly smuggled into the states. most especially cucumber Juul pods which have been totally band and hard to fine.

Where to buy Juul Pods?

Searching for where to buy Juul pods is not a difficult tax. getting Juul pods is easy. just search for where to buy e-cigarette or ask for Juul pods shop and ask from any of the stores if they have Juul pods and the flavours. Flavours that are hard to find like the Cucumber Juul, you can buy those online from trusted websites like buycannabisonlineus.com The cucumber Juul pods are hard to find because they are banned within the states. the sellers only import from Europe and other countries. So you can buy cucumber Juul pods online

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