The Banana Kush pressure smells like none apart from scrumptious, ripe bananas. It also boasts sturdy tropical and skunky notes, giving it an extremely thrilling flavor. This strain additionally has a huge type of medicinal makes use of in conjunction with for fibromyalgia, MS, and mood problems. Being that the high from Banana Kush regularly ends in a chilled sedation, it’s first-class used inside the night right in advance than the perfect night time’s sleep. heaps as the decision implies, it’s miles in truth relaxed to count on that Banana Kush weed truly tastes (and scents) like bananas. In reality, this pleasant strain united states of America of America the ante a chunk in addition thru now not fine smelling like freshly ripe bananas, however additionally offering a mildly titillating banana-like energy shot as nicely. This top notch and tropical marijuana is juicy and uplifting – without a doubt a deliver of delight and satisfaction for folks that get their fingers on a extraordinary specimen. Even better, Banana Kush has a unique and effective statistics as it comes from a long line of Kush traces that have left their mark on the cannabis international.


Originating from the West Coast and growing as much as come to be a pinnacle-5 pressure in lots of famous California and Colorado dispensaries, Banana Kush weed has clearly made a effective call for itself – that’s possibly not so unexpected whilst you test the crop’s genetic lineage. Being the spawn of  other marijuana icons – Ghost OG hybrid and Skunk Haze hybrid – the way that Banana Kush expresses its genes is not first-rate particular, however moreover extremely beneficial for certain those who are searching for healing solace with the plant. Genetically-talking, Banana Kush weed is technically categorised as an indica-dominant hybrid, with about a 60% indica, forty% sativa ratio. but, its consequences do now not constitute its type appropriately, as Banana Kush can thoroughly surprise both frame and thoughts — particularly in case you are expecting the stress to help you fall asleep. without a doubt, Banana Kush will certainly loosen up your mind and frame, however in a uniquely innovative, motivational manner in region of a whole zonk-out way that leaves you sofa-locked with a field of Xtra Sharp Cheddar Cheezits to your hand. Banana Kush marijuana is well-known for removing stress and clearing the pinnacle, similarly to offering stores of creativity and prolific innovative proposal. For the ones reasons – as properly as it competencies to spark resourceful and revolutionary power – the stress has turn out to be a fave a number of the West Coast art scene, in addition to other parts of the U.S.

In fact, chances are if you interviewed a SoCal artwork community about what their favored, flow-to hashish stress is, there’s a truthful hazard about ninety six% of them would possibly exclaim, “Banana Kush, of route!” (That’s of course an absurd exaggeration,  but you get the idea…)

Banana Kush evaluate: Aroma, taste, and appearance:

As described earlier, each the aroma and flavor of Banana Kush marijuana fairly mimic the smell of a clean package of tropical bananas, ready to be picked for harvest.

Aside from this dominating fragrance, however, the aroma of Banana Kush is also full of suggestions of different tropical tree end result, presenting factors of smelly spunkiness (with a purpose to be associated with the crop’s Skunk Haze genetic relation). The taste is likewise a bit pungent and earthy, however the normal impactful flavor that looks to hit the tongue is a rich, delicious, delectably candy one- making it more-than-best to consume this hashish stress. Due to the hashish stress’s heavy THC content material fabric, the sugar leaves are thickly found by way of way of a frosty coating that is probably harking back to heaven within the eyes of maximum any ordinary cannabis customer. In reality, human beings have reported that the cannabis strain is a ‘one-hitter quitter,’ or even professional folks that smoke claim that they could simplest take approximately four hits earlier than feeling extra than glad from Banana Kush.


While Banana Kush has potential to help with some bodily pains and illnesses, it has a profound effect specifically at the manner it impacts the thoughts – making it a suitable choice for those tormented by daily stress or a continual mood disorder. Sufferers managing melancholy, tension, loss of recognition, or lack of motivation may additionally need to all discover a few treatment from Banana Kush. For those people specifically, even though, it is essential no longer to over-devour marijuana as excessive quantities of THC can every so often adversely have an effect on people with highbrow fitness problems, or induced tension.

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